"There are many facets to this industry and we want to help young artists realize their fullest potential.

Not everyone desires to be on stage and we are prime examples that you don't have to be. "

Who are we?

The industry is constantly changing and we are current performers that have been on Broadway. 

We Direct.

We Produce.

We Choreograph.

And we run a professional Theater Company. 


We would like to offer an À la Carte experience for our young artists we want to cater your experience to you! 

What are the age groups? 

Classes are are open to ages 13 and up. 



Dance/Creative Movement 

Character Development

​Script Analysis 

Finding your voice 

Gregory Omar Osborne

Served on the board of The Vanguard Theater Company. Choreographed Carrie, Memphis, Children’s Letters to God, Two Gentlemen of Verona and The Music Man in Concert 
Taught at various dance schools in the tristate area. 
Guest Choreography at The Dwight-Englewood School (Cats) Cicely L Tyson Community School of Performing and Fine Art (Working: The Musical), South Orange Middle School (once upon a mattress)

Choreographed for award wining marching bands and color-guards. 
Associate Member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society 

​Judged at Dance Champ Elite competition


How much is it?

$250 for the 6 hour workshop and lunch will be provided. 

Game Time 

At the end of the workshop we will share with the parents what was learned through out the day

Are parents allowed to stay and observe the class? 

Not at this time, We find that the presence of a parents can some times add unnecessary pressure. And we want our young artists to feel comfortable and safe in the space to learn and make bold choices in their work.

On The Court

How to approach Directing
Basics of Self-Producing 
How to become your own Boss


Court Side Chat with parents 

It's a chance for us to answer any questions you may have about the entertainment industry, how to get an agent, college programs etc. 

​​​​​​​​​Jasmin Richardson 

For more information! Feel free to contact us! 




How big are the classes 

Class sizes vary. 

What we offer? 


We're driven to Teach, Empower, Affirm and Mentor. Collectively we both have over twenty years in this ever evolving industry and we want to help you navigate it.


As performers who are currently active in this industry, we know what the current standards and requirements are. We want to empower young artists by equipping them with the tools to work be competitive.

​Circle Up

On-Camera Technique 

Audition Technique

College Prep